Vol. 9 No.1 March 2024

1. The fortitude factor for a quality of work-life among healthcare employees
2. Is gender diversity the next frontier on boardroom in the construction industry?
3. Public service announcements during COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia: Analysis of themes
4. Human capital impact on China-ASEAN cross-border trade
5. The online classroom, a place where no virus can enter: UiTM Sarawak undergraduates’ engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic
6. Factors influencing corporate taxpayers’ participation in special voluntary disclosure program
7. Holistic governance and meta-analysis on the sustainable ecological environment protection of the Lijiang River basin in China
8. Selection factors of procurement method for steel building in Sarawak
9. Uncovering factors influencing the role of hospital administration in the transformation of online residency training: A systematic review
10. Digital economy and income inequality in China: Challenges and way forward
11. Evaluating the effectiveness of EGGA (English Grammar Guide Application) for grammar learning

Vol. 8 No.2 September 2023

Table of Contents
1. The Innovative Business Model Design of Mugwort Industry Based on Grounded Theory
2. Assessing Students’ Attitudes and Perception towards Statistics Subject
3. The Application of Strategic Management in a Public Healthcare Service System
4. CFO Attributes and Corporate Risk Management: Evidence from Top 100 Firms in Malaysia
5. Development of Sustainable Development Goals Disclosure Index for Higher Education Institutions
6. What Drive Investors to Invest in Socially Responsible Investment Sukuk? A Pilot Study
7. Feasibility and Challenges of Tik-Tok's Integration into Value Education
8. Undergraduates Mathematics Achievement: Exploring the Students’ Attitude, Self-Efficacy and Anxiety
9. Tourism Analytics: Analysing Visitor Arrival Data for Tourism Industry in Sarawak
10. “Belt & Road” International Education and Cultural Exchange in Higher Education in Malaysia Among Mainland Chinese Students

Vol. 8 No.1 March 2023

1. Factors Influencing the Choice of Higher Education Institution and Diploma Programme among Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Students
2. Determinants of Sustainable Development Among Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises
3. Perceptions and Readiness to Use Telerehabilitation Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Physiotherapists: A Review
4. Investigation of Second Language Writing Anxiety Among ESL Students in Public University
5. The Effect of Green Transformational Leadership on Service Employees in Indonesia
6. The Theory and Practice of Ageing Housing Transformation in China and Abroad: A Review
7. Engaging Mixed Methodology to Gauge Industrial Relations Quality Determinants
8. Community Extention Project Inquiry for Sustainable Implementation: A Case Study of Cebu Technological University-Argao Campus
9. Social Expressions of Chinese University Students: Pragmatic Failures and Cultural Differences
10. Students' Perceptions towards Assignment Integration between Architecture Design Studio and Structural and Technological Subjects

Vol. 7 No.2 September 2022

1. Awareness and Adoption of Lean Construction Tools to Enhance Safety in Construction Projects
2. Coercive, Normative, and Mimetic Isomorphism Inquiries on the Crisis Communication by Hotels During the COVID-19 Pandemic
3. Value Evaluation of Lisu Costume in Nujiang based on Questionnaire Survey
4. Real-World Global Evidence of Field Hospitals During the COVID-19 Pandemic
5. Open and Distance Learning (ODL): Preference and Perception of Students Towards Live Lecture and Pre-Recorded Video Lecture
6. Youth Participation Strategies in Sustainable Development Goals Implementation in Malaysia and Indonesia
7. Signalling Indicator of Sustainability Financial Performance in the Travel, Leisure, and Hospitality Service Industry
8. The Mediating Effect of Psychological Capital on the Relationship of Entrepreneurial Intention Among Hospitality Undergraduates
9. Community Participation for Sustainable Development Goals: The Localisation Process
10. The Impacts of Remuneration on Employee Retention and Job Satisfaction among Private Higher Education Institutions’ Lecturers

Vol. 7 No.1 March 2022

1. Message from the Chief Editor : Service Excellence Attitudes Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
2. Stress among Healthcare Workers during COVID19 Pandemic: Crucial Elements for Hospital Management
3. Lean Manufacturing Practices and Integration of IR 4.0 Technologies for Sustainability in the Healthcare Manufacturing Industry
4. The Online Student Portfolio Implementation at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Pulau Pinang Malaysia
5. Demystifying Muslim Consumer Religiosity: Does Sustainability Matter in Halal Food Industry?
6. Sustainability in Open Distance Learning (ODL): Adoption of Market Segmentation and Advertising Strategy
7. The Development of Mobile Augmented Reality: 3-Dimensional Video
8. Aesthetics of Hui Folk Dance as Audience Service to Leverage Audience Satisfaction
9. Development of "Game of Contract" for Interactive Edutainment
10. Identifying the Key Social Factors in Post Occupancy Evaluation of a Green Building
11. Fairness, Transparency and Attitude towards Tax Evasion amongst Owners of SMEs

Vol. 6 No.2 September 2021

1. Factors Influencing the Performance of Sarawak Local Authorities
2. Examining Work Re-Entry Decisions for Single Mothers through Bourdieu’s Capital Theory
3. The Effectiveness of Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Financing of Terrorism Requirements in Fund Management Companies
4. Assessing Psychomotor Domain in Civil Engineering Design Project During Pandemic
5. Connotation and Realization Path of Labour Education in Universities - Based on the Perspective of Chinese Universities
6. A Gender and Ethnic Diversity, and Economic Value Added: Evidence from Government-Linked Companies
7. Usability and Users’ Satisfaction on Online Electronic Voting System
8. Effects of Academic Quality and Service Quality on University Students’ Satisfaction
9. Factors Affecting Students’ Satisfaction Towards Bus Services in Campus
10. Transparency and Accountability of a Village Fund Management During COVID-19 Crisis

Vol. 6 No.1 March 2021

1. Nurses' Knowledge and Practice Towards Prevention of Surgical Site Infection
2. Exploring the Sustainable Retirement Village Concept in the Malaysian Context: An Initial Review
3. Final Account Preparation in Construction Industry: Competencies and Challenges of Quantity Surveyors
4. Quality of Work Life Among Public Hospital Nurses in Sarawak
5. Effectiveness of Peer Tutoring Program on Students’ Academic Performance for Engineering Course
6. The Expression of Religious Elements and Factors of Religious Thoughts in the Empress’s Ceremonial Costume “Hui Yi” of Song Dynasty
7. Constraints of Paddy Production Among Smallholding Farmers
8. Sustainable Livelihood Strategies and Potential Socio-Economic Development Activities in Kampung Kesindu, Simunjan
9. The Impact of Employee Commitment and Satisfaction on Training Effectiveness
10. Environmental Sustainability Practices in Rural Libraries

Vol. 5 No.2 Dec 2020

1. Bespoke Music - Narration for Mental Health Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation in Covid-19 Times
2. A Systematic Review - Determinants of Forward-Looking Information Disclosure by Malaysian Companies
3. Factors Affecting Economic Performance and Willingness to Pay of Agricultural Entrepreneurs in Betong District, Sarawak
4. The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction Among State Civil Servants
5. The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Decision-Making Participation: Moderating Roles of Cognitive Styles
6. Lisu Women Costumes in Nujiang as a Cultural Heritage
7. Adoption Behavior in Sustaining the Mobile Banking Services
8. An Effective Partial Fraction Decomposition Method for Undergraduate Students
9. Status of Sarawak Fisheries: Challenges and Way Forward
10. Clothing Communication of the Typical Costume of Han Nationality in Modern Times

Vol. 5 No.1 June 2020

1. Determination of Order Delivery Time in Event Organizer Industry Using a Non-Delay Scheduling Approach
2. Conserving and Sustaining Culture through Sarawak Traditional Malay Woman Headscarves
3. Managerial Implications of Student Activity Information System Implementation at Faculty of Business and Management
4. Teachers’ Efficacy Beliefs in Mathematics Teaching: A Study of Public Primary Schools in Sarawak
5. The Role of Big 5 Personality Traits in Determining Ethical Behaviour for Hospitality Industry Employees’ in Malaysia
6. English Language Speaking Anxiety among Students from Two Public Universities in Sarawak
7. Sustaining Job Performance through Technology Acceptance with Usage of Whatsapp Mobile Application
8. Challenges and Drivers of Green Procurement among Construction Practitioners in Malaysia
9. Performance-Based Budgeting in Public Sector and Managerial Performance with Leadership as Moderating Variable
10. Impact of Brand Strength and Customer Reviews: The Case of Rural Tourism Inns in China

Vol. 4 No.2 Dec 2019

1. Confidence Level and Self-efficacy Beliefs of Mathematics Teachers: Evidence from Sarawak
2. China Tourists’ Experiences with Longhouse Homestays in Sarawak
3. Rational or Emotional? A Study on Organic Grocery Shopping
4. Vocathon – The Usefulness of Board Games in Vocabulary Learning through the Multiple Intelligences Approach
5. Using Language Games for Vocabulary Retention in a Rural Primary School in Sarawak
6. Efficiency of Using a Physiological Portrait of a University Student in Physical Education
7. Code-switching in Malaysian Classroom as the Microcosm of Society in Socio-cultural Context

Vol. 4 No.1 June 2019

1. Visual Merchandising and Customers’ Impulse Buying Behavior: A Case of a Fashion Specialty Store
2. Undergraduates’ Speaking Anxiety in English as Second Language (ESL) Classrooms
3. Promoting Students’ Interest, Attitude and Intrinsic Motivation Towards Learning STEM Through Minimalist Robot Education Programme
4. Integrating Peace Education in Pre-Service Teachers Training Programs: Views from Teacher Educators and Prospective Teachers in Pakistan
5. Assessing the Awareness and Perception of Hoteliers towards Shariah Compliant Hotel Operations

Vol. 3 No.2 December 2018

1. Interactive English Language Learning: DishZle Language Game
2. ‘Success in Six’ Model to Increase Efficiency and Green Productivity
3. Focus Group Interview as a Means to Determine School Effectiveness Indicators
4. Impact of Sales Promotion on Customer Intention to Purchase High Involvement Product
5. A Supply Chain Vulnerability Map for the Automotive and Electronic Industries in Brazil

Vol. 3 No.1 June 2018

1. Economies of Scale in Local Government Services: A Meta Analysis
2. Student Community Engagement: Insight from Australia
3. In Pursuit of Financial Well-Being: The Effects of Financial Literacy, Financial Behaviour and Financial Stress On Employees in Labuan
4. Dissatisfiers and Demand of Hotels with Poor Online Rating
5. Corporate Governance and Earnings Management: The Role of Board of Directors and Audit Committee in Financially Distressed Firms

Vol. 2 No.2 December 2017

1. Virtual Managers' Perspective on Adoption of New Work Forms - Case of Estonian Service Sector
2. Environmental Legislation Awareness Among Construction Contractors in Malaysia
3. The Influence of Perceived Benefits on Young Malaysian Facebook Users' on Homestay Reservation Intention
4. The Influence of Patient-Perceived Service Quality and Brand Trust on Word of Mouth
5. An Empirical Analysis of Administrative Economic Efficiency in Sabah Local Government: A DEA Application
6. A Descriptive Analysis of Financial Restatements in Malaysia

Vol. 2 No.1 June 2017

1. Documenting Ethnobotanical Knowledge Of Rural Community For Sustainable Benefits
2. Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation Using A Sustainable Treatment Technique
3. Developing A Framework For The Success Of International Development Projects In The Maldives
4. Delineating Agritourism: Insights From Gujarat, India
5. Self-Perceived Emotional Intelligence In Leadership Of Administrative Academic Staff
6. The Quality Of Stakeholder Engagement Disclosures In Sustainability Reports: A Preliminary Study From Indonesia

Vol. 1 No.1 Dec 2016

Message by Chief Editor

1. The Implication Of Servicescape, Emotion And Trust To A Positive Customer Service Experience: Wellness Spa Context In The U.S
2. A Journey To Measure Student Community Engagement Benefits: Evidence From Australia
3. Carbon Disclosure Practices Of Aerospace And Airlines Companies: Substantive Or Symbolic Legitimation
4. Residents’ Perception As Key Input To Destination Image Formation For Rural Tourism
5. Relationship Between Brand Equity And Consumer Purchase Decision: A Case Of An International Brand Of Footwear
6. QFD Approach For Quality Improvement Of A Sustainable Product-Service System